African centred as defined by Nobles and Goddard can be said to encompass eight cultural principles.

  • The principle of Consubstantiation which says all things in the universe being have the same essence
  • The principle of Interdependence, the idea of all elements in the universe being connected
  • The principle of Egalitarianism, the idea that harmony and balance is the correct relationship between people
  • The principle of Collectivism which encourages codes of behaviour based on the idea of group survival/advancement
  • The principle of Transformation everything has the potential to continually function at a higher level
  • The principle of Cooperation, the way things function is based on mutual respect and encouragement
  • The principle of Humanness; the notion that healthy behaviour is governed by sense of vitalism and goodness
  • The principle of Synergism; the notion that the sum of complementary activities is greater than total efforts of individuals

Because African centeredness focuses on exploring the deeper meaning of human essence and the quest for human authenticity this philosophy does not exclude in its basic assumptions the possibility of its practice by persons of other cultural groups.