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Therapy As A Weapon Of Choice

Every African descent person should have therapy. I repeat every African descent person should have therapy. We’re not talking about the stereotypical scene of a suitably quiet and all knowing therapist asking you “and how does that make you feel” No, we’re talking about therapy as an act of revolution. An act as revolutionary

Dark Girls

At our attendance at last years Association of Black Psychologists convention in Los Angeles, my colleagues and I had the opportunity to attend the premiere of the documentary ‘Dark Girls’ which was hosted by the Association. Directed by Bill Duke and Chansin Berry and featuring sisters from all walks of life and of

African Centred

The term African centred will never be very far away from any discussion about Pattigift or any discussion we have both internally and with the wider world. This post is not meant to be a deep discussion on the concept but more about opening a window to those of the African family interested

Playing The Game or Standing on The Sidelines?

For the first time at the black psychology convention, Pattigift members gave a presentation. It focused on the 40+-year history of a African ancestry mental health in the uk. We talked of leading books like aliens and alienists, supposedly ground shifting policy documents like breaking the circles of fear, inside outside, delivering race

Why African Centred Psychology Is For Everyone

African centred as defined by Nobles and Goddard can be said to encompass eight cultural principles. The principle of Consubstantiation which says all things in the universe being have the same essence The principle of Interdependence, the idea of all elements in the universe being connected The principle of Egalitarianism, the idea

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