Whilst our challenges have been and continue to be many, they are exceeded by our commitment to the sustainability of our organization and to elevate it to another level of excellence.

Our development, however, needs support of all who acknowledge and appreciate the work that Pattigift does. By making your contribution you are acting as partners with us to continue to provide innovative, transformative and culturally relevant experiences for current and future users of our services. Join us in advancing the Gift and making an investment in the mental health and mental wealth of our community. With your investment and our commitment, we can guarantee a consistently high return on investment.

You can donate to either:

Kujichagulia Group:

The Kujichagulia (Self Determination) group was formed to support young people of colour, who are living with Autistic Spectrum Disorders. The young people came together in April 2019 and they have worked collectively to build up positive relationships with each other. Pattigift selected the name Kujichagulia – as the foundation to empower the group to define and know themselves and provide creative opportunities to achieve successful life goals. We have explored many concepts to date, such as internalised racism, family relationships marginalisation what it means to be black and living with Autistic Spectrum Disorders and more. Parents have been very supported of the group and have noticed the difference and the positive outcomes in the weekly sessions. Currently we run one group, but would like to be able to run another two and build a library of learning resources

Aesops Corner:

Contribution towards books and materials for young children activities that are done in our Edwin J Nichols library

Emotional Emancipation Circle:

Emotional Emancipation Circles (EECs) were designed to be free to participants. So, the cost of setting up a circle needs to be borne by the host or the facilitators.


To build upon our vision and mission statements and improve the overall mental wellbeing for all individuals with special emphasis on African heritage persons Pattigift Therapy needs to invest in developing research on evidence-based-practices that have been culturally adapted as well as practice based evidence that represent practices that come from the local community. These practices are embedded in the culture, are accepted as effective by local communities, and support healing of youth and families from a cultural framework. To leave us a message about how you would like to donate, fill out the form below.