To facilitate people to imagine the best that they can be and to harness the tools available to achieve this. By providing culturally consistent therapeutic approaches that impact mind, body and soul.


To embed African centred psychological thinking as the foundation for all the work we do

To promote self-knowledge and the potential in people, so helping to build healthier communities.

To deliver holistic, culturally congruent psychological and physical therapies for underserved communities

To develop an educational centre for the delivery of African centred psychological approaches to health and wellbeing.

To become a centre of excellence for research into the health and wellbeing of people who have experienced psychological oppression and trauma.


Faith: To believe with all our heart that we have the strength and potential to overcome all challenges

Unity: With love, we will maintain family and community cohesion

Purpose: To make our collective vocation the building and developing of peoples psychological and physical wellbeing

Self-Determination: To develop self-sovereignty by supporting people to define and speak for themselves

Collective Responsibility: To be an organisational example of Ubuntu, building and maintaining our organization together and to overcome our challenges together

Cooperation:  To develop our capacity to prosper and be self-sustaining; so that we can continue to serve the community

Creativity: To use the skills and talents we possess to leave citizens in a healthier state than we found them.


For the past 17 years, Pattigift Therapy has been creating and delivering innovative strategies for healing. Developed a different narrative around mental health and ill health and challenged professional’s perspective on how they work with other ethnic groups. We have created spaces to not only understand the trauma of psychological oppression but to enable healing from it. We have done this with individuals, group, charities, universities and other institutions.  With the support of the Association of Black Psychologists (USA) both theoretically and practically, we have been able to grapple with the thorny question of the impact of race on mental health and wellbeing.


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