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We believe that African heritage persons need to develop survival strategies; to enable them to deal with a world that is slowly losing its humanity and with it, its mind. We Africans have also come to a point where so many refuse to believe the reality of our situation. Many of us have to come to believe that the past has no relevance to the present and is separate to the future. We have reached a stage where we embraced individualism because we no longer understand the essence of the collective.

Our ancestors stated that knowledge of self was our primary source of all learning; and that the more you understand yourself the better you understand the world around you. The more you understand your self the more interest in your self worth and desire for self-determination you have.

Pattigift’s range of training and personal developments programmes are geared towards the journey of improving one’s self-knowledge. We also deliver various workshops, conferences and seminars. So, whether your goal is personal or professional growth, we have something to offer.

The world is moving so fast and away from us these days that it is essential we continue to learn new ways of doing things and new ways of thinking. Some of which involve relearning old ways of thinking and doing. No matter what your goal, there is a programme that can fit your needs.

What Will Be On Offer?

Certificate and Diploma in African Centred Psychotherapy (acquiring accreditation)
Post-graduate approaches to African centred therapy.
Our Introduction to African Centred Psychology Course will give you a good basis from which to start.
This training course will give you all the skills needed to work with people of African descent.
This personal development course encourages you to look back before you move forward in seeing improvements in your life.
Our Akoben volunteer training programme facilitates community action in the regeneration of the African community.
With workshops in drama, music, music and art therapies, there is bound to be a workshop for you.
Each month we look at identity, internalised racism and conflict resolution to encourage debate and solution building in the African community.

Exciting New Training

As one of the leading Black Psycotherapy & Counselling agencies in the UK, we are developing a new range of training courses for individuals and professionals.

Free Or Low Cost

We know that money does not grow on trees and therefore make a lot of our training available to the African community for free or for a very low cost.

Bespoke Designed

One size does not fit all so we tailor our training as required. Over the years we have come up with some of the most effective

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We are excited about the new programmes now in development and other initiatives that are under way to help us to meet your needs in new and exciting ways.  We will continuously update our website with new programme information, so be sure to check back often.