Since 2003 Pattigift Therapy has been at the forefront of mental health and Black psychology in the UK. Over the years we have built up a solid reputation and there are many people who speak very highly about our work and the impact that we have had in their lives.

Here are a selection of some of the most recent testimonials that we have received. Just click on a name to view individual testimonials.

I wish to declare support for Pattigift Therapy CIC due to the personal development, coaching and supervision received.  I am of the opinion this helped me greatly.

I first became involved with Pattigift CIC in 2008 when I received personal development and leadership training from Rameri Moukam and others as part of the NHS (National Health Service) Breaking Through Programme (Towards Strategies for Success).  This was a specific programme designed to support black women into positions of leadership within health and social care organisations.

I am aware Pattigift CIC provides African Centred Psychotherapy for all and received a number of sessions with good effect from Rameri Moukam using this approach.  In addition to psychotherapy I was provided with opportunities for further training, networking and professional publications.  I feel my confidence and abilities have improved as a direct result of my contact with Pattigift therapy CIC.  I am informed Pattigift CIC provide Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.  I am aware they provide training in African Centred Psychotherapy and have seen their brochure and received their newsletter.

I found the service provided professional in terms of all appointments took place as planned, Pattigift is committed to healing and incorporating race and culture, and of integrity as they have been in existence for some years.  I also found them to offer flexibility in timing of sessions.

I would feel comfortable recommending others to use the services of Pattigift therapy I have used.

Dr Erica McInnis, Chartered Clinical Psychologist

In July of 2012 I started my counselling placement at Pattigift. I was reading Therapy Today, the BACP monthly publication in the counsellor’s waiting room at Relate. I came upon an article with Rameri is who run the organisation. Her story was very inspiring and moved me to desire working for the organisation. I have always wanted to work with the African and Caribbean community, as a counsellor. I researched the organisation and realised that they were African centred in their approach to mental health well being and healing. The words African centred made me curious, I never realised there were other approaches that were not Eurocentric in counselling. I contacted the agency and was offered a placement.

At Pattigift, I worked with clients from different backgrounds, supporting them to reframe their diminished experience of humanness. I learnt how to work from a human centred approach, which is holistic, taking into consideration that clients are mind, body and spirit. I have learnt a new language from African centred researchers and theorist, and learnt about the needs of the mind body and spirit and how they impact mental wellness.

As a reflective practitioner I was provided with the nurturing I needed from my managers and supervisor who gave me the learning stimulation, recognition, and certainty needed for my growth as a practitioner, and for the healing of the clients who I supported. I have also learnt how to bring about my own healing from my placement experience taught to me by clients I worked with. In African terms I was given the permission to stand on the shoulders of the elders of the organisation and I am thankful.

Adrian Anderson

It is truly a joy to be a board member on the Pattigift Therapy Service.  I was first inspired by the service whilst on my dramatherapy training.  The course required me to complete 72 hours of which a certain amount had to be personal therapy I was searching for a black psychotherapy and Rameri came highly recommended.  The experience of acknowledging our African ancestor and spiritually open the way on my journey into an ‘African way of living’

In 1997 the directors Rameri Moukam and Davy Hay asked me to support their vision to open the first Black African and Caribbean Therapeutic Community for black men and women in the mental health services.  I was invited to be the creative therapy lead at that time I saw their vision and had an inclining of why it was needed in out black communities.  My experience at Pattigift empowered my personal and professional understanding that my knowledge of African Centred Psychology was limited in my clinical practice.  The dramatherapy training was useful nonetheless the Eurocentric models of theories and practice limited my full potentials and practice.

1997 opened my eyes further when all Pattigift staff were invited to attend ‘The African Centred Therapy and Care course’ This course was an empowering enlightenment that began my journey to reclaim that which I am an African God Woman. Don’t misunderstand me as a black women growing up in1980’s Britain I had seen the series roots, experienced ongoing racism, had in encounters with the Rastafarian Movement and so on and so on……..  Nonetheless my personal experience of an awareness of African Psychology is truly another journey.

African people came into the world ‘with natural creative talents our African ancestors through generations handed down diverse creative ways to access OUR talents.  We are great, inspirational speakers, inventors, talented artist, creative writers, story tellers, actors, healers, thinkers and once again the list is and always will be endless…..

Today my creative arts and dramatherapy practice is based on the knowledge of our African Ancestors.  My aims are to support Pattigift on their journey to bring creative healing to our communities.  We aim to deliver authentic Afrikan centred creative arts workshops as well as Afrikan centred story telling and story making the vision our vision will be ever evolving.  We will also empower black men and women who are training on dramatherapy and creative arts courses.  By offering our Afrikan centred creative mentoring services.

“Healing is work, not gambling. It is the work of inspiration, not manipulation.

If we healers are to do the work of helping to bring our people together again, we need to know such work is the work of the community…the work of healers is work for inspirers working long and steadily, in a group that grows over the generations, till there are inspirers, healers wherever our people are scattered, able to bring us together again”. 

Ayi Kwei Armah

Linda Jeffers


As the former  chairperson of Barnardo’s National Corporate Group for Black Staff we have engaged Pattigift to deliver training to Black staff at the National conferences and also in the southwest region. With prevailing western models used to interpret the black (people of Afrikan heritage) reality in the fields of mental health and psychology, Pattigift provides a refreshing alternative Paradigm shift.

Crucially it is rooted in the understanding of the Afrikan experience through Afrikan lens. Their approach is therefore regenerative not just for that community but for humanity.  I recommend you engage with Pattigift to build your critical thinking toolkit and improve services to communities.

Jendayi Serwah
Noble Development Consultancy

I am a person of mixed heritage, who came into contact with the mental health system. It made me very uncomfortable as what it offered was alien to our culture and what I understood to be beneficial to people’s mental health and wellbeing.

Having spent time listening to and working with the staff at Pattigift, and taken part in some activities, I find it helped to ‘centre’ and calm me and helped me understand my circumstances within the societal perceptions of main stream mental health.

As a result it is now my belief that were Pattigift to engage in delivering acute mental health provision, it would significantly ameliorate mental health distress for many who are now affected. I strongly believe this ought to be explored.

Elsie Gayle

I was looking for a course to “shake me up,” I enrolled on  Pattigift’s, African Centered Psychology course. During the course, I learnt so much more, about me as a Black woman, barriers within me and without, and the introduction to African American Psychologists writing on our experience added an extra special dimension to my learning.

The course was enlightening, challenging, empowering and loving.  With any good course that stretches you, you can feel vulnerable, especially an experiential course as this one. The passion, care and commitment to our community exuded by Davy and Rameri also came through on the course and I felt supported, safe and held throughout. My learning and my developing continues.  

Thank you.


I joined Pattigift Therapy in July 2012 as a trainee counsellor on placement. I found all of the staff in the agency very helpful and welcoming. I was at Pattigift for 12 months and was very fortunate to complete my placement in such an excellent organisation.

I gained valuable experience working with a diverse client group and was well supported by the clinical director and my supervisor. The experience I gained has given me a good grounding for my work as a volunteer counsellor.

Lynda Passey

Much has been said and written about public services in general, and health services in particular, being culturally sensitive and appropriate. In most cases where such statements have been made the experience of inclusive remains aspirational at best and in many more instances, tokenistic.

Pattigift, to their credit, have found the mechanisms and metrics for overcoming the rhetoric and in actuality, translating the aspiration into reality for individuals and their partner organisations.

Pattigift use their first hand knowledge and understanding of Afrocentric principles to inform their organisational ethos and this then leads to a deeper understanding and appreciation of their clients’ dilemmas, needs and aspirations. They are able to frame issues jointly with us as individuals or members of organisations in ways that are pluralistic, transcend the monoculture of most psychological and psychotherapeutic services.

Being of African descent and living in England a lot of my experience of psychological and psychotherapeutic service provision showed a presumed Eurocentric normative. Once introduced to and coming in contact with Pattigift, it became very clear very quickly that not only did they understand my worldview, they were also able to suggest how I could navigate “life” in this new adopted home without the need to forfeit my experiences and knowledge as a man and businessman.

I have found the on-going engagement with Pattigift  enlightening and very helpful. I have no reservation in recommending them and i actively do so when i meet others that would benefit from their pluralistic services.

Mpume Mpofu

I Joined Pattigift to gain some counselling experience in order to complete my Level 4 Diploma in counselling.  I particularly wanted to focus on mental issues relating to people of African descent because as a black person I have personally experienced and seen some of the struggles that the black community has to cope with on a daily basis.

Patti gift gave me this opportunity and, upon reflection, the realisation that in order to encourage change within my community I would need to start first with myself.  This new information has led me on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.  

Patti gift is the only organisation that I know of that provides a holistic therapy for people of African origin that explores the mind, body and spirit as a whole.  Upon completion of the course I remain a strong advocate of the services provided by Patti gift.

  ‘A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.’

Marcus Mosiah Garvey

Caroline Patrick

African centred place to be

African curriculum because education is key.

I am Black and I am proud I am Black, and my Melanin is loud

My melanin content shapes my identity and puts a Pattigift rainbow our grey clouds.

Black Africans, Black British, African American, African Caribbean! You mean ‘Carried Beyond’, the shores of our continent without the Black nations consent; And Black European! I think when it’s socially and politically convenient.

So we are just an extended Black family,

remember ‘divide and rule’ reminds me of our common unity.

Our Ancestors shaped our destiny with Love, inner strength and integrity

I honour them

Their genes are alive within me

It’s what keeps me Happy and Free

So Peace and Love to the Africans at home and Africans abroad

POSITIVE VIBRATIONS, POSITIVE MINDS, equal rights and justice is YOURS and MINE.

That is the spirit of PATTIGIFT

Leonard Edinborough

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