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Sabona, Sannu da zuwa Akwaaba, EKabo, Selam, Karibu, Nno, Boyeyi and Welcome.

Pattigift is an organisation dedicated to helping African heritage persons develop their knowledge of self. To understand where we have come from, who we are; where we need to go and why this is important. This is a journey of recovery not just of what has been lost but also of what is hidden. This is a journey for all of us.

It may appear as if we are progressing i.e. we have access to things that in the past were denied us but that’s the problem; it only appears so; and as we know looks can be deceiving.

This journey of progress is in fact as Baba Wade Nobles points out a ‘derailment’ and what we haven’t realised is that although were still moving, were no longer on the track. We are off the path our development would havetaken us had we not been psychologically molested.

‘You can’t raise a child on borrowed food’ (African proverb)

What in reality we are witnessing are African heritage communities engaging in actions that are not rooted in our cultural perspectives, but are imitations of other peoples. We have allowed ourselves to believe that our worth is dependent on our acceptance on the values of others, and the denial of our own culture. Many have become strangers to their cultural worldview; they have lost the natural desire for self-determination and the courage to walk in the world with an African mind-set.

We at Pattigift are not subdued by this; we understand the fear of acting in our self-interest, the pain of the Maafa (the acts of terrorism over the last several hundred years that have impacted physically, psychologically and spiritually on African humanity) and the challenge that comes from walking in the world as an African in a time and place that seeks to dismiss our relevance.

Pattigift came into being out of a sense of consciousness, fearlessness, commitment to the psychological wellbeing of African heritage people and a desire for Africans to be at the centre of any and all discourse that considers their mental wellbeing.  This has included presenting Africans in the UK with the psychological ramifications of 500 plus years of enslavement, colonialism, terrorism, and psychopathy; the generational changing faces of racism, and the subsequent internalised inferiority status that many now claim as their own.

We will not be incarcerated by the single story being forced on the world. The keys to reclaiming our identity are available. We do not claim to have all the answers but we do know that the answers are within us. As Baba John Henrik Clarke states ‘we are the one’s we have been waiting for’

We attempt to perform ‘Sankofa’; to go forward we must first go back and understand the past. What kept us well? How did we come together?  What challenges did we fall short in accomplishing and how do we learn from them.

Come journey with us as we seek our way home
Hetepu (peace and many blessings)