Emotional Emancipation Circles were originated by Community Healing Network, Inc., (CHN), and are the product of a collaboration between CHN and the Association of Black Psychologists (ABPsi) USA, and part of the larger global grassroots movement for emotional emancipation being spearheaded by CHN.

The EE Circles℠ process is one of many strategies devised by CHN to build the movement for freedom from the lies of White superiority and Black inferiority, and other emotional legacies of enslavement and racism. EE Circles℠ are inspired by the self-help movement and grounded in the principles of Maat, the ancient Egyptian understanding of the fundamental order of the universe.

Having started in the USA Pattigift Therapy became the first organization in the UK to receive training and start facilitating circles. Circles have now taken place in Birmingham, Bradford and Manchester.

Emotional Emancipation Circle

EE CircleSM Support Groups are safe gatherings in which we:

  • Share our stories and our feelings, always respecting the humanity and dignity of all circle members;
  • Deepen our understanding of the impact of historical forces on our emotional lives, our relationships, and the well-being of our communities;
  • Free our minds and spirits from the lies, and heal from the historical and continuing trauma of racism;
  • Tell ourselves a new and empowering story about who we are as people of African ancestry;
  • Revitalize ourselves and our relationships with each other;
  • Learn and practice essential emotional wellness skills to help us be at our very best; as individuals and as a people;
  • Develop strategies to extinguish the lies–once and for all.

CHN’s aim is to engage a critical mass of African heritage people in the journey toward emotional emancipation by the year 2019, the 400th anniversary of the forced arrival of Africans in the United States, so that, by the year 2020, we as a people will begin to see ourselves in a whole new light. Working together, CHN and ABPsi have planted seeds for EEC Support Groups in cities across the United States, including Ferguson, MO; Brooklyn, NY; and Baltimore, MD; and in countries around the world, including the United Kingdom, Cuba, and South Africa.

Pattigift Therapy is prepared to initiate EE circles in your area laying the foundation for others to develop their own circles.

Please note EE Circles are not for the advancement of political or religious viewpoints. They are solely for ‘healing of the nation’