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Our Community Development Programmes

What is community?

Community is all of us. But it’s not simply a collection of people who look similar. It is about people who have a shared interest in each other’s wellbeing and development.

In designing our programmes of work and approach to community development everything at Pattigift comes down to one question

‘Is it good for Africa’

A simple question on the surface but it challenges us all to think about what is the outcome we are looking for. If we look at any of the various challenges facing African heritage communities what would the solution look like.

For us at Pattigift the solution is one where self-knowledge has increased, where the consciousness of those involved has been raised; the impact of that consciousness raising has a positive impact on the community; and where the community’s’ desire for self-determination thus becomes enhanced.

At Pattigift, we facilitate a wide range of community development programmes (in conjunction with other groups).  Click each + tab on the right to see what we offer.

What We Offer

Contact us to find out more about our Faith in the community programme.
For information about our current parenting programme, contact us today.
We facilitate a range of educational initiatives designed to increase knowledge around mental health in the Black community.
These groups are for the young and not so young.
This is a self-help group with the principal goal of creating the conditions for shared dialogue that lead to individual and collective emotional emancipation, healing, and wellness.
The Akoben Volunteer Programme provides opportunities for everyone to get involved in the regeneration of the African community. We are establishing an army of volunteers within the community of people of African ancestry. An army of ‘healer warriors’ charged with engaging the community in helping to heal itself.
Psychology from an African Centred perspective.
This programme involves creating garments to explore the link between what we wear and who we are.
The practice of yoga is a personality integration method that allows human beings to bind their individual transitory reality with the universal consciousness. Chi Chung is a tradition of aligning breath, movement, and awareness for the purpose of exercise, healing, and meditation.

Collective Working

Many hands make light work. We have a lot to do when it comes to regenerating the African mind and re-building the community. When we work together, the whole community benefits.

Skills Development

We learn from the best in the business and incorporate that learning into our training and development courses. If you have an urge to make a difference and want to develop your skills, this is the perfect place.

Renewed Community

The end result of our programmes is a renewed African community. Working towards the restoration of mind, body and spirit, we can make a difference on a very large scale.

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Come and learn with like-minded people who have a shared interest in each other's well being and development
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